Monday, August 2, 2010

I Am Surrounded by Banana Spiders!

I give up.  They are everywhere around my house.  I got clotheslined again this morning by a piece of web.  These things are huge.  This chiquita, fortunately, is out of my way. Her web extends from the hydrangea bush all the way to a crepe myrtle tree, probably about 8 feet in width.
Look closely in front of the clay pot. Chiquita is hanging out in her web.

It's easy to see the golden color of the web.


  1. I almost walked into one this morning. Sneaky little girl; built it overnight.....

  2. Amazing, I've neer seen anything like it. I had to click on the photograph to see the chiquita close. Wow.

    I guess its a good job your not afriad of the legged creatures.