Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Daring Determined Day Lily Development!

My daughter surprised me Thursday night with these gorgeous day lilies!  Now comes the hard work. Next to the south side of my house is an area which contains several crepe myrtle trees and nothing else. I will show you the pictures shortly, although I am a little embarassed by the squalid look.

Every year cosmos reseed themselves and just take over this area. My daughter and I have a running debate about these. She says weed, I say cosmos.  Some grow over 6 feet tall. Between those and the evil weed (cobblers peg) I couldn't even walk there last summer.

So this year things are going to be different! First, though, the beds have to be cleaned out. So this is going to be a major project.

Day lilies are just about the best perennial in the world, for someone like me, who needs plants which basically tend to themselves.  Some of these babies already have buds; they are in three heights: 18", 24" and 28" and in shades of pink, red, and yellow.  I can envision this in my mind so hope to see this come to fruition in the next few days.  Stay tuned for progress reports....


  1. weeds! they are weeds woman! no cosmos in their right mind would grow to over 6' tall!
    i can't wait to see the daylilies in bloom! you're daughter must be fabulous and seems to know a lot about cosmi!

  2. My daughter is a freaking genius! She takes after me!!