Sunday, March 21, 2010

Happy Spring!

To celebrate the arrival of spring, I took a walk around my back yard yesterday afternoon.

Don't you love my lop-sided birdfeeders? The squirrels have broken them so many times, they have been 'fixed' with wires used to hang pictures.

I absolutely splurged on some hanging baskets of nasturtium and bouganvillea.

Two of my kitty 'helpers' can be seen enjoying the garden.

Columbine corner.  The live oaks are shedding their leaves. They land in the bird bath as fast as I can scoop them out.

There are three black cats. The same one is not moving around to get in all of the pictures.


  1. It looks great! Your hard work paid of! I can't wait to watch it grow!

  2. Thanks! Just wish I had more time to post than I do. Got lots of ideas and not much free time. Will be checking your garden soon. Finally spring is here!