Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Battle House -- Let's Go Inside!

Look upward from the floor of the lobby, and you will see a domed skylight, dating back to 1908!

Elaborate plasterwork and trompe-l'oiel are found on the ceiling and walls. Portraits of Louis XIV of France, George III of England, Ferdinand V of Castile, and George Washington are found at positions around the perimeter of the skylight.

The Trellis Room, featuring a restaurant with Northern Italian cuisine, is on the lobby floor. Interestingly the kitchen is full-view so patrons may watch their meals being prepared.

The Crystal Ballroom, just a few steps from the main lobby, was also known as "Mobile's First Harvest." This probably stems from the fact that southern planters and farmers would gather at the Battle House at the end of planting season.  The ballroom has seen many events, such as wedding receptions, Mardi Gras Balls, and New Year's celebrations.

The lobby is a vast, open area with a carpet in brilliant hues. The mezzaine surrounds the entire lobby.

It is though you are stepping back in time when entering this gorgeous hotel.  Thank goodness it was not allowed to crumble into oblivion, unlike other historic buildings here.  We should treasure these pieces of the past.


  1. Amazing! I love places like that. So full of history :D That one is very ornate!

  2. Oh how awesome is the Battle House. I love the interior views. The last one is so colorful with the bright rugs. Thanks for sharing this. Have a good weekend. Becca

  3. I no longer live in Mobile but remember visiting relatives there as a child. And I remember my Mother shopping at Raphaels. Was it inside the hotel or next door? Also, do you remember the name of the little restaurant? They served the best peppermint ice cream. Was it the Gilded Surry?
    Lovely post!