Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Evil Weed

If this thing ever gets in your yard you are in trouble.  After searching online for a while I finally located it. It is called Cobblers peg (Bidens pilosa).  I have wracked my brain trying to figure out how this pest found my yard and the only thing that I can think of is bird seed. For two years now I've used only sunflower seeds but this pesky devil reseeds each year.  The worst part of it is the actual seed itself. If you can't pull it up before it goes to seed it's a nightmare, because the seeds stick to everything they come in contact with. I actually had to discard a shirt because there were so many seeds attached to it. Some of these plants have gotten over three feet in height. The good thing is that their roots are shallow so they are easy to pull. The bad thing is that they grow and spread very quickly.

1 comment:

  1. It is very interesting that you have this weed growing in your yard. I think it must be related to the similarly called Joe Biden/Nancy Pelosi weed. The difference is that yours can be yanked up by the root and the other scourge must be eradicated by means yet unknown.