Friday, February 19, 2010

Landscaping 101 (part 3)

The front yard makeover was underway again last weekend. Much progress was made.

The soil was tilled after removing the remainder of the plants that had been along the inside of the front fence. Only a couple of climbing roses were left in place.

This is a view of the side fence. The wispy plants which remain along the fence are bridal wreath shrubs (Spiraea prunifolia). The shrub to the far left had been in the corner at the intersection of the front and side fences.

Three Japanese ligustrum (also called Japanese privet) were planted in the corner where the bridal wreath had been, in order to provide a focal point, plus a little bit of privacy from the street.

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  1. It is always refreshing to go for face-lift once in a while.... ~bangchik