Saturday, May 8, 2010

"And honeysuckle loved to crawl up the low crag and ruin'd wall."

This is a quote from Marmion, the epic poem by Sir Walter Scott, about the Battle of Flodden Field (1513).

Isn't it amazing how flowers find their way into great works of literature?  Well, I have two honeysuckle vines, which are crawling all over my picket fence. They love their little spot which gets sun virtually all day.

They started putting out new growth in early March. I have two types of the twining honeysuckle--yellow and red.  The name of the yellow escapes me, but the red is called "Alabama Crimson." They are the non-fragrant kind of honeysuckle, with long tubular flowers.

The foliage turned from a brownish color to bright green within a few weeks.

These plants have totally entwined themelves around my fence. Is the fence holding them up, or are they holding up the fence?

"Alabama Crimson"

View from my neighbor's yard.

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  1. Your honeysuckle looks very healthy. I cut mine down a few years ago - I was tired of the aphids covering it. Once they sucked all the life out, the leaves would fall and make a mess. I had it growing on an arbor over my sidewalk. Now it's been replaced by a beautiful clematis.