Tuesday, May 11, 2010

It's Getting Crowded in Here!

When I planted the alyssum in my strawberry jars, I naturally assumed that the bitter cold of January had killed the strawberry plants that had dried up and virtually disappeared.  So I had the brilliant idea of planting cascading sweet pea seeds in the jars to go along with the alyssum.

Well, all three are fat and happy together in the jars, and although there are no buds yet on the little sweet peas, they are growing among the strawberries and alyssum.  Now if I can just get one bloom before it gets too hot!

The alyssum had me worried when I first planted them; their little root systems practically came right out of the dirt when I transplanted to the strawberry jars.  Thank goodness for the nice cool spring, because they have really been a welcome sight right outside my back door.

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