Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Rudbeckias for the Heat of Summer!

I love these flowers! Why? Because they love the heat and don't need any attention at all during these hot summer days. In fact, they prefer it if they don't get their feet too wet.  Better known as black-eyed-Susans, there are several varieties to choose from.

Two plants in my back yard.

From what I have read they are biennials; they should only live two years.  Well, either that's not correct or mine have put out new growth and divided on their own, because they keep coming back each year bigger and better than before.

I really like their dark green hairy leaves.  They are very unusual.  These plants don't need staking at all. I probably should cut some and make an arrangement, but I just love seeing them in the yard.

I have some other rudbeckias around the yard too, but they don't put on such a show of color as those above.

Yes, this is a variety of rudbeckia. The greenish tint is very unusual.

I have no idea what this one's name is, but would venture to guess the word 'pinwheel' is included somewhere.

Just beginning to open.

A little bit wider open.


Another bud starting to open.

Look at the center of this flower. A bee-magnet for sure. Pollen everywhere!

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