Saturday, July 3, 2010

What's In a Name?

Plenty, if you are my daughter. She knows the names of all her varieties of day lilies, unlike me. I believe she knows exactly how many she has of each variety.  I'm posting some pictures of her beautiful day lilies, with the names included.

Our favorite place to shop for day lilies is Oakes Daylilies (  If you love perusing catalogs, they have two in print, not to mention their online catalog.  Take a virtual tour and you won't be disappointed!

'Prima ballerina'

'Brocaded gown'

'Fencing masters'

'Fencing masters' and 'Brocaded gown'

'Miss Amelia'

'Miss Amelia'

'Fencing masters' at one end of the pool.

'Your guess is as good as mine'
(My daughter will let me know)

Another shot of 'Fencing masters' with "Big Head"

"Button" with 'Fencing masters'

I love going to my daughter's garden. It's constantly changing. She and her husband do a beautiful job of keeping it maintained.


  1. Wow, those really are beautiful! I really like 'Fencing Masters' :D

  2. They are my daughter's favorites. The pictures don't do them justice. They might be rebloomers, too. The Oakes Daylilies site has them broken down by color, height, bloom season, evergreen, dormant, etc. It's great for planning a day lily garden.

  3. She is really into it, knowing the many names of lily. Lily is really a big family by looking at many colors and varieties. In my little garden, only zephyr lily represents that BIG LILY FAMILY..., one variety white bloom and the other pink.
    Have a great weekend.

  4. The daylily on the path with no name is called 'Angel Tears'. It is one of the first and last to bloom and it has roots attached to some of the stalks that i just cut off and stick in a pot and in two years i have another blooming Angel Tears! The 'Fencing Master' is my absolute favorite though. It is a deep claret color.
    All will have seed pods at some point and if you wait for them to dry out on the stalk they will pop open and there are seeds inside. Plant those puppies and in two years you have a blooming daylily!

  5. The cats in the pictures are our 'helpers'. They like to chew on grass so we let them 'weed eat' the flower beds. They also help distribute the pine straw by diving into it and pushing it all around with their precious little faces.
    Oh, and the fertilizing.... how could i forget the fertilizing.....

  6. I'm thinking it's time to hit my daughter up for some day lily seeds. Hint, hint.

  7. i'm sorry, i don't speak english.....