Friday, July 16, 2010

What Color Blue is This?

This is my lace-cap hydrangea, which is in front of my porch.  I just don't know what to call this color. Any ideas?

Look at these little bud clusters! Sorry they are a little blurry.  They look like little blueberries!

The process of bloom is amazing to watch. Each little ball becomes a petal.

In this picture the little balls look like blue cauliflowers.

This gives an idea of just how large this bush is.

Bloom wearing down; you can barely see the porch.

Buds just beginning to form.

They were greenish-colored at first.

This was when the foliage began to emerge after its long winter sleep. I was really glad to see this after the cold January we had.

No wonder I was worried. Look how pitiful!

The little leaves are barely showing. Never did I dream that this lovely shrub would produce such gorgeous blossoms and foliage.  I should learn to trust Mother Nature.


  1. Georgeous flowers. My first thought was periwinkle too.