Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Grow, Baby, Grow!!!

A little blurred, but some sweet peas who are determined to grow. These seeds had been soaking inside for at least a week before the horrible cold weather, so I didn't put them out until Sunday. Somehow the dirt around them became displaced so after taking these pictures I pushed the seeds back into the soil.  When I planted them I wasn't hopeful that they would grow at all; they had already sprouted and were so pale as to be almost transluscent. Time will tell as to how many will actually grow.  I will get some more seeds and keep trying.  Next to pansies, sweet peas are my favorites. Their fragrance is indescribable!


  1. I am so amazed at seeds, and how that tiny minute little particle can produce such a beautiful plant. Quite amazing!

  2. You do love you some sweet peas!
    Did you know my latin name was sweet pea?