Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Lord Love a Duck! (and a goose)

Each day to and from work I drive through my city's municipal park, which has become home to a rather sizable population of Canada geese.  There are some Pekin ducks there, as well as some Muscovy ducks. For the last several years I have been going to the park fairly regularly to feed them, and have attached a few pictures.  There are so many more, which I will share from time to time.

Rather than feed them bread crumbs, my friend and I would bring corn from a local feed store, which the ducks and geese really seem to like.  There is a bonus to the corn: the seagulls won't eat it. And yes, even inland, there are many seagulls at the park.

The two white ducks in the picture at left I called Daisy and Donald.  The little brown duck in the picture is their constant companion. I don't know if he somehow was orphaned and they 'adopted' him, but they are always together.

Since Pekin ducks can't fly, it's fun to watch them scamper hurriedly, wings flapping wildly, out of the water and up the bank to reach the corn. Meanwhile, their little brown friend simply lifts out of the water, becomes airborne,  and glides to shore for its food.

Oddly enough, the geese do not bother the ducks. They only try to intimidate other geese. Here they are all behaving pretty well. This was a rather large lunch crowd.

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