Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Do Drop In at the Dew Drop Inn!

This little restaurant in mid-town Mobile just happens to be Mobile's oldest.  Now in its third location (since the 1950's), it's been around since 1924. That should tell you something about its popularity.

Its specialty is the famous Dew Drop hot dog.  Served with chili, sauerkraut, mustard, ketchup, and pickles, its taste is unique.

If you prefer something simpler, you can order an 'upside-down' dog, with the chili next to the bun and the dog on top.

The Dew Drop's cheeseburgers are credited with being the inspiration for Jimmy Buffett's song, Cheeseburger in Paradise. (Yes, Jimmy Buffett was born and raised in Mobile.)

What's better than a side of fries? Onion rings, of course.  They are the best I've ever tasted!

This restaurant has special meaning for me.  You see, my father worked there and later became owner for several years prior to his retirement.  I've grown up on Dew Drop food. And while I love the famous hot dog, my absolute favorite thing to order is their catfish, along with sides of cole slaw and macaroni and cheese. They even throw in some fries and onion rings.

The Dew Drop is always crowded, especially on Saturdays (closed Sunday). The decor hasn't changed since the 1960's when my father owned it. Very 'stylish' tangerine formica table-tops, with booths around the walls and up the middle of the floor.  It's a fun place to eat, for sure.

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