Saturday, April 17, 2010

Here Comes the Bridal Wreath!

My daughter might think I'm a little obsessed with bridal wreath. She's probably right.  At last count I have around fifteen bushes in my yard, both front and back.  They are just so graceful, elegant, and reminiscent of gardens of long ago.   I recall my grandmother having these lovely shrubs in her yard.

The first buds have formed and I'm watching and waiting for the show to start.
Technically, bridal wreath is officially called Spirea prunifolia, and who knew? It's a member of the Rose family (Rosacaea).  And surprise, surprise, it hails from China, Korea and Taiwan.  And we thought we just got toys, clothes, and other durable goods from the far east!

I have to stop and laugh out loud at some of these pictures, because if any of my neighbors happened to be looking out their windows they surely would wonder what I was doing by taking pictures of plants in my yard!

Now things are really beginning to pop!

I've never pruned my bridal wreath, but apparently if you decide to it should be done right after blooming. To me, the haphazard look of the shrub makes it so beautiful and unique. No two look exactly alike.

The snow white blooms against the dark green foliage is striking in its contrast. This year they have been glorious and long-blooming. I reallly think that the severe cold weather we had in January resulted in one of the most bountiful spring bloom seasons in many years!

I've taken pictures at various times of the day, because the sunlight and shadows capture the beauty of these shrubs in different ways, depending upon the hour.

At full bloom! What could be more beautiful?

Sometimes I wish I lived across the street from myself so I could see what my neighbor sees!The back yard.

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