Thursday, April 8, 2010

Positively Precious Poppies!

My daughter surprised me a few weeks ago with a tray of poppies.  I was thrilled! Since they don't do well here because of the heat I usually don't buy any even when the garden centers have them for sale.  So the adventure began. Here they are sitting in their pots in what was once my front flower bed. That was dug up and grass will eventually go there. (Remember the evil weed?)

Still in the pots and full of buds! I've got to get cracking! No time to dilly-dally with these babies!.

This one is in a hurry to bloom!

I planted them in my new, condensed front flower bed.

Their fuzzy heads are so cute!

Watching these flowers prepare to bloom is an amazing sight.

And now, may I present the "Poppy Parade."

Nestled among the pansies and irises. The pansies in the pots are almost finished.  I've had all of the pansies since last October. 

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  1. I've never had luck growing them...good luck to you. They are gorgeous flowers...and they look prettier in delicate the way light passes through theri petals!