Sunday, April 4, 2010

Saturday at the Botanical Gardens

Now that I have 'discovered' this place, I love going there! Mainly I'm seeking azaleas in full bloom, and they are finally beginning to cooperate.  It may be a few more days until they are really at their peak so I will just keep checking.  But I did some exploring and found 'the other side of the garden' yesterday.  Take a look at these photos and enjoy!

Beautiful daffodils on the approach to the benches.

Follow the yellow brick road!!!

I thought I saw the tin woodsman behind those trees!

The pictures really don't show the true beauty of these flowers.

The bright orange azaleas are not common.

I'm not sure what these little blue beauties are; I only saw this one little planting.

The morning was rather cloudy, but it was still a lovely day. There were preparations for an Easter egg hunt going on nearby, so I'm surprised I didn't encounter more people on the paths.

I will have more pictures of the 'other side' in my next post. 

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