Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Fond Memories

Saturday I went to my mother's house (the house I came home to as a newborn and the house I grew up in) to pick her up for an outing.  My mother is 89 years old. We took some Easter lilies to the graves of four loved ones. There are many others who are no longer with us, but these particular four had extra special meaning.

When I drove up to her house it suddenly seemed so small.  There were some other differences, too. The holly tree that had been in the front yard was gone.  It died of old age or disease several years ago.  It was under that tree that a mockingbird attacked me. Our cat, Nermal, also had an encounter with a bird under that tree. She kept the little knot on her forehead from that skirmish the rest of her life.

In the 'breezeway' is the little pet cemetery of some of the animals we've had through the years, for this house also was the home of my children for many years after I returned 'home' as a young single mother with two little ones.  In addition to Nermal, there is Leon, the beautiful long-haired cat my daughter adopted from the animal shelter.

Behind the 'studio' is Sam, the kitty from next door, who was loved more by my daughter than its owners. There is also Wheat Germ (germy) and Honey, the two little hamsters my daughter had as pets.  And somewhere is Hercules (Hercie) my first ever kitty.  He introduced me to the wonderful world of felines when I was just six years old.

When I drove up and saw the house with the azaleas in full bloom, I thought of all the Easter pictures taken over the decades in front of the blooming azaleas. Those pictures have filled shoe boxes full of other memories of life at Felder Place.  All of these memories flooded me as I drove up to my mother's house for a Saturday outing.

The dark indentation in the lawn is where the holly tree once stood.  There are some gaps in the dwarf azaleas. I remember a solid little hedge of color all along the front planter years ago.


  1. MOST of this post is correct. This is my grandmother's house where i grew up, those are azaleas in the front bed, and we do have our precious animal babies buried here.
    Let me fill you in on the rest.
    Nermal was not attacked by a mockingbird under the holly tree in the front yard. She was on her leash near the side door which you can see in the above picture. She loved her leash, by the way. It was a pretty short leash but it had an orange collar with little studs on it. She was so proud of this and when she heard it jingling in the kitchen she knew it was time to rock and roll! So anyway, i was outside with her; i was probably 10 or so and we had her leash tied to one of the wrought iron chairs right outside the door. We normallly had bird seed spread on top of the nearby wall and i suppose this bird, a bluejay not a mockingbird, was having no more of Nermal chattering at him. He swooped down and started pecking her on her precious little grey noggin. She was so scared she pulled this heavy chair with her to the side door as i was trying to unwrap her from around the chair. All the while being pecked.
    She never got over the incident. From then on she always had an aversion to orange and blue and never liked the taste of birdseed after that. Good thing she was an Alabama fan! Roll tide!
    Incidentally, the 'dark spot' in the yard is not where the holly tree was. It's just a 'dark spot'. The holly tree was further to the left.
    I swear i think i'm the only one who lived there.

  2. Well, you know, I am getting up in years and my memory isn't what it used to be. Thanks for setting the record straight! :-))

  3. Fond memories indeed.... They are always with us, warming our hearts as we enjoy the trip down the memory lane... and be nostalgic about it... I love the space and the nicely placed pink dots in that photos. ~bangchik