Monday, April 5, 2010

Mobile Botanical Gardens -- The "Other" Side

When I went back Saturday, I decided to do some more exploring. What I found was even more beautiful than what I had already seen. It was more untamed, yet still beautifully kept.  The potential for further exploration abounds, and I hope to go back when I have more time and a willing explorer to make the trip even more exciting!

Who could resist crossing this bridge to see what was beyond?

The welcome committee! How could I not continue?

The view from the bridge. But how do I get there?

A lovely splash of color beckoning me to keep going.  Much more lay ahead.

Just enough beautiful treats to keep me interested. So I kept going.

Bunches of daffodils on either side of the grassy path, guiding the way. I knew exactly where to go, but how could it get more lovely than this? Little did I know what was around the curve ahead of me. 

More to come.....

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