Friday, April 2, 2010

A Look at Last Year's Front Yard

The yard was so beautiful, in theory, at least.  But the evil "cobblers peg" weed forced major changes into the planning for this spring and summer.  My day lilies were all dug up, saved, and replanted.  Hardy plants that they are, they are all doing well and growing. So soon I will have blooms on all of the ones that were moved this past January.

Unfortunately, the nasty weed can be seen  coming up virtually everywhere in these pictures.

This spring I'm using pine straw instead of cypress mulch in my flower beds.  Hopefully this will help, at least in the appearance of the beds. Over time the mulch actually contributed to the sad look of the front yard bed.  With a smaller area for flowering plants, I hope to be able to stay ahead of the weeds that do make their way above ground.


  1. Weeds can be a real nuisance especially when they disturb the elements within the design. We have a fast growing weeds with lovely little light purple flowers. We tame them by assigning their growth to a particular spot, keep them bushy and now they become focal point! ~bangchik

  2. It's true that a lot of weed have very pretty flowers. These particular weeds small white flowers that were very pretty when in bloom, but once they went to seed it was awful. The seeds stuck to everything they touched. I've actually seen some of these coming in the dirt where we removed most of the grass back in January.

  3. you have a lovely garden....don't fret over the weeds....just look at the flowers...
    Thanks for coming by my place
    I love lillies....who doesn't